Our mission

« Confidence, positivity, self-improvement »

  • HR Expert is a consulting firm specializing in human resources and operations development in the Food & beverage industry.

Our mission is to assist in the maximum development of your company’s potential. We focus on implementing proven systems and tools to develop your most important resource: your human capital.

We help you implement the necessary aspects in your company to increase the motivation and performance of your employees.
We offer you the opportunity to grow your business and redefine the word “work.”

The systems we offer at HR Expert have already been successfully tested in several Trans-Canada companies in the restaurant industry.

Doing business with us is about wanting to see your business grow and make a difference. Will you be the next to be part of the HR Expert movement?

Furthermore, we focus on cooperation and mutual assistance, working on the qualities of comfort and confidence as a team. We are aware that changes are not appreciated by all: every situation has its positive and negative aspects, but it is much more gratifying to see the positive and appreciate it. Each obstacle has a positive aspect and we must continue to move forward and flourish from this point. Life is an everlasting learning experience and improvement is the key to success. Our mission is to provide restaurant owners with support that creates a work environment where every staff member is motivated to give their best, no matter the circumstances. To provide you with full autonomy when you decide you want the real-life benefits of our services, all the necessary tools will be at your disposal and you will have unrestricted access.

We want to give you the opportunity to help and grow your company. We offer several services that are aimed at the most important capital of your company, human capital.


Our mission with individuals working in the restaurant industry


For employees and managers working in the restaurant industry, we want to help you grow and flourish, both professionally and personally. Our training services are a result of real-life experience and know-how. They aren’t simply theory-based, since our entire services have been proven and are a distinct feature of HR Expert’s unique character.

Our goal is to provide you with a new vision of your field and use this as a jump-off point to propel you forward. With our various training services, you will instantly see results as soon as you put the techniques learned into practice.
To ensure consistent success across the board, you will have the opportunity to communicate with your trainer. Consequently, you will be able to discuss your performance that results from the training provided.

Being an integral part of the HR Expert movement means wanting to grow and make a difference in the company you work for, as well as for yourself.